Marina Visconti




  1. peace

    Is she real or not?
    She is gorgeous

  2. BobSM46

    Is it just me or would she look absolutely perfect with her pretty face covered with 10 loads that are dripping down onto those glorious tits? I nominate her for Facialized 2.

  3. Johnny

    I second her for Facialized 2!!! Her and Larkin Love 😉

  4. really horny

    Facialized 2!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kh

    Damn Larkin Love would be amazing in a Facialized flick.

  6. Sirius

    Well I am just glad; because this looks like a Stacked 2. If it is a facialized flick – even better. Mason is all types of awesome

  7. BobSM46

    Sirius- You are right, it definitely looks like Stacked 2. We were just voicing our desire to see her in Facialized 2, not saying that’s what this is.

  8. Finch

    I secretly hope for a GB/DAP scene. But the fact alone that one of the sexiest euro-girls is working with Mason is alone intriguing

  9. Sirius

    I totally understand Bob; Marina in Facialized with 10 loads will be so epic. I’m very sure Mason is thinking of it right now. i’d also love to see the veteran Alison Tyler and the young Shae Summers in a stacked flick.

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