Hard X Podcast #1 with Allie Haze


Allie Haze, the star of the upcoming showcase "Allie" featuring her 1st anal scenes, appears on the 1st Hard X Podcast with co-hosts Mason and Sovereign Syre. 

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You can follow Allie Haze on twitter @alliehaze. You can follow Sovereign Syre on twitter @sovereign_syre.

All the scenes in the movie "Allie" are available now with a membership on HARDX.com. Join Today.

Click here to watch the trailer to the movie "Allie"


  1. erik2690

    Cool. I like the podcast idea. I enjoyed Mason on EA podcast so why not.

  2. Gagaholic

    This was the cherry on top of an already exceptional release. Looking forward to many more episodes of the podcast!

  3. lewis

    mason you should make a girl on girl only action dvd

  4. JT

    The release date for Allie was announced as July 9th a long while ago. It’s not in either of 2 stores on 8th Ave in NYC today. Whoever is distributing for you in NYC cost me some time today, and he sucks.

  5. JT

    I was able to get the movie today. It was outstanding, and Allie should know that in addition to being very sexy, she came off as incredibly likable.

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