Allie & Lex




  1. JT

    OK, Mason – no mas. We can’t take any more teasing. At least give us a release date.

  2. Dj

    You really need to get Alie into DP

  3. CWood

    Oh my………this is going to be fucking awesome!

  4. doogla

    just wow!

  5. dpconnoisseur

    The DP will seal this movie as a collector! Darn close right now.

  6. lyndon lezama

    ALLIE HAZE taking the TERMINATOR’S COCK in her ass?… Gotta see this one.

  7. Doug

    Fucking Awesome

  8. Luckycharm_ss

    I never thought I would see this from Allie Haze! She is simply amazing…serious props goes out to the director for making this one happen!

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