AJ Applegate Gangbang


AJ Applegate coming soon in "Gangbang Me." Featuring her 1st DV & DA. Directed by Mason.

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  1. bobSM46

    Fuck yes!!! AJ is amazing, her scene in Facialized was fucking awesome. I can’t wait to see her get the full on gangbang treatment.

  2. PornFan24x7

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!
    1st Hardx gangbang & 1st AJ gangbang
    Dreams do come true!
    Best news ever!

  3. GapeFan

    This is exactly what the fans have been asking for!!! Bravo!!! DA & DV!!! This is going to be amazing!!!

  4. dpcnnoisseur

    Yes, finally we are starting to see truly “HardX” scenes! Another easy purchase for me just need to know the date to buy it.

  5. khan

    mason is back with gangbang series………… looking forward for more

  6. pornfan

    It keeps getting better and better. AJ is so beautiful . I can’t wait to own this great DVD. Its her first gangbang. WOW!! She to me is the hottest ass babe. Thx hard x.

  7. Francis

    Wanna see the trailer please 🙂

  8. Francis

    First double anal..first double V….SO GOOD !

  9. David B Hayter

    Normally Gangbang scenes don’t work well as most directors don’t know what they are doing with the camera, but Mason elevates them to an art that truly makes them the best scenes available. She captures so much sexual intensity and frames it so well. the previous gangbang movies she directed are easily the greatest pornographic movies ever made and I’m excited for this one.

  10. Chris C

    Wow, you’re killin’ me HardX! You keep on coming out with these fantastic movies, I just can’t stop buying them…and you know what? I love it! Thanks to AJ, Mason & HardX for giving us, the fans, exactly what we were asking for!
    BTW, I wonder if this movie will be a 2-girl feature. If so, Veruca James would be my top choice to be the other pornstar in this movie.

  11. CP

    Mason, have I told you ‘I love you’ lately?

  12. Drebin

    can’t fucking wait!!

  13. Francis

    Great…when is it released ?

  14. BobSM46

    Is there going to be a second girl in Gangbang Me? Its supposed to come out in a few weeks, seems like we should know by now.

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