“Facialized 2” Trailer

Facialized2 Trailer


  1. BobSM46

    Already saw all the scenes when I was a member, but I am gonna buy the DVD too just to show my support for the series. In my opinion there is nothing better than watching some of the prettiest faces in the business get covered with cum, shot in a way that only Mason can manage. In short its my favorite.

  2. Mass Facialties

    Same here…I’ve already watched all 4 scenes on the members site, but I’m still buying the DVD. There aren’t too many movies that come around nowadays that compell me to buy the DVD, but all of Mason’s blowbang/facial movies have been “must buy” DVDs for me; this will be the eighth such movie in my collection-both “Facialized” movies along with all 6 installments of her “Massive Facials” series. For me, watching these movies on the small screen (laptop or tablet) just isn’t good enough.
    (I just hope I don’t have to wait another 15 MONTHS to purchase “Facialized 3”. The extremely long wait for this second edition was brutal for me!)

  3. BobSM46

    ^ I am with you on that. I know Mason is pretty much a miracle worker getting us these scenes at all, but I if I don’t see some of the prettiest faces in the biz get covered with lots of cum every 8 or 10 months, I start going through serious withdrawal, lol

  4. Rit

    I would like to see a movie where they gulp all the loads down at once after collecting them all in their mouth!!!

  5. slut lover

    *pays for membership*
    *wanks over free trailer*

  6. Jorge

    Some nice beauties. I would love to see more of such series. But what would be freaking awesome is having a big natural tit beauty such as Siri do this. How many big natural boob stars have you seen do this? Exactly, let’s make it happen. I am a Cum on Boobs guy. Facials are great but the front side of a body, face AND tits, glazed in cum and seeing camera capture it all (not just zoomed in on the face) is amazing to me. And the more the better. Beyond 10. How about 20, 30,… 50?

  7. JaydenJaymesLover

    I love blowbang movies, however I love movies where the starlets swallow the loads instead of just taking them on their faces.

    I wish Mason does a movies like sperm receptacles, or something like that, with minimum 6 or 7 loads.

    And I wish Jayden Jaymes stars i it….she never really did a proper swallow scene!

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