Cassidy Banks



  1. H1gh Contra5r

    A thousand thank you’s Mason and a thousand more after that. One of my fantasy collaborations this year was for Cassidy to shoot for you and yet again you’ve made it happen :D. Kickass!

  2. BobSM46

    Very nice, I’ve been hoping Cassidy would show up on HardX. Her tits are glorious so I am guessing this is for the same movie as the Brooke Wylde scene that was released today.
    Also just nice to see some more racial diversity come into play at HardX, Cassidy is such a beautiful mix.

  3. Goron

    Could there be a DP Gangbang on the way??? 🙂 :-)Seeing that with Cassidy Banks would be a dream come true!!

  4. dpconnoisseur

    OMG, please tell me she does balls deep anal! PLEASE!!!

  5. charles

    fuck me cassidy

  6. cwood

    If it’s anal..holy shit. Either way she’s a total bombshell

  7. David B Hayter

    If this turns out to be double vag it might be the best day of my life.

  8. GapeLover1

    Another B/G performer. Bleah! She’s fucking awesome but without ANAL, I’m not interested!!

  9. H1gh Contra5r

    At GapeLover1 – you’re already polluting the your “ALL ANAL! EVERYTHING ELSE IS SHIT!” crap all over the ADT forums, don’t bring it here as well. In case it hasn’t sunk in yet, Hard X is not all about anal, so stop acting all shocked and offended when a scene comes out that doesn’t have it for your personal narrow tastes.

  10. GapeLover1

    H1gh Contra5r- you can’t do here trolling as to ADT. You must do your comment. Again your post is the longest. Never said “EVERYTHING ELSE IS SHIT!”. These are your words.

  11. Nobody

    Yeah, this girl is hot as hell and I’ll be buying the shit out of whatever movie this is part of regardless of which holes she’s penetrated in.

  12. Mason

    i love how passionate everyone is here, but, can we just be nice to each other?

  13. Rit

    Cassidy is Amazing

  14. Deezy

    @Mason: Can u be nice and bring back Luna Star and Mandy Muse about three or four times each?!? Bring Teanna Trump along for the ride while you’re at it too! LOL (though I’m quite serious)

  15. Rome

    Hopefully this is going to be a part of a black girl video that HardX is sorely lacking. There are enough mixed/light-skinned black girls in the industry that white guys like, so they don’t have to worry about the whole racism hurting the bottomline.
    Cassidy Banks, Teanna Trump, Serena Ali, Jade Aspen would be a killer video

  16. tim

    i think Cassidy is a part of Stacked 3,Let’s guess other ladies.In my view,another lady can be Karlee Grey,your ideas,guys??????????????

  17. BobSM46

    I am with you Rome, I hope Mason does a black girl movie. I really want to see Teanna Trump in particular shoot something for Mason. I would add Chanell Heart, Ana Foxxx, Anya Ivy and Jezabel Vassir.

  18. Rit

    Cassidy is Wonderful!

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