“Remy” Trailer



  1. Chris C

    This looks good (the G/G doesn’t do anything for me), but as others have already commented on this blog, there’s nothing here that we haven’t seen from Remy already. Even though Remy’s as hot as ever, I would’ve preferred some “new” girl getting the showcase treatment. Probably not gonna happen anytime soon, since it sounds like Mia Malkova (another girl who’s already had a showcase) will get the next HardX showcase.

  2. Hard X Fan


  3. junio

    hate the fact that everyone wants to get the only new or the first scenes(g/g,anal,DP,DA,gangbang) this is what hurt porn that we have to see less of one star cause idiots can jack off to another DP,Anal or IR.Everyone love remy i hope we get more, why not Remy 5. Amateur porn sucks and if we keep getting younger that is what we are going to be left with.Love this movie can’t wait to see it.

  4. David B Hayter

    I know what you mean Junio; I for one am stoked for another DP scene from her even though it is not a first; this looks like it will be her best filmed one to date.
    Still, I’d never turn down a DV as that is my absolute fave. I’d buy a million showcases of remy if it meant it would eventually lead to a DV scene.

  5. JT

    I was another excellent movie from Remy. She’s just a very sexy young woman. If you like your women very, very feminine, you just can’t get too much Remy. Anything the girl does with her mouth, whether it’s oral sex or just kissing is so soft, sensual and feminine. it’s the same with the way she uses her hands.
    Here’s another idea for showcase movies – I may have already given this one: two girls who are really good together. Maybe an entire movie in which Anikka Albrite and Riley Reid appeared in all four scenes together. I think it would be very hot.

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