Mia Malkova



  1. PornFan24x7

    Facialized 2?
    I hope I’m right ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Tristepin

    From the picture I’m guessing this is a facial flick. But jeebus man, get us an anal scene with her already.

  3. Krtek

    I bet: Facialized 2 !!! Thank you Mason, you’re the best !!! Mia in an epic blowbang and a completly spermed face !!! Our dreams will come true……

  4. Bukkakelover

    Omg facialized 2 ?!?!?!?

  5. stan marsh

    PLEASE tell me this is Facialized 2!!

  6. รถrff

    Please let it be an anal scene..

  7. BobSM46

    Ohhh shit Mia is in the next Facialized? MY FUCKING GOD Mason FUCKING rules!!! I hope Mia’s beautiful face got completely drenched and that she loved it!!

  8. Johnny

    Mason, I love you.

  9. swungman

    @ass2die4 I would consider 6-8 guys dropping their big loads on Mia’s pretty face and in her pretty ‘lil mouth pretty hardcore too

  10. micha

    OH MY FUCKING GOD !!!! is this facialized 2 ???!!!
    Please Please . . .

  11. BobSM46

    Ass2die4, that pose Mia is doing where she is pointing at her face is the classic Massive Facials/Facialized pose. All the Massive Facials movies had it on their box covers and it was used in some of the promo shots for the first Facialized. So that means unless they are seriously trolling us, that Mia shot a blowbang scene and its not just a regular B/G or what you label as “vanilla”.

  12. Chris P

    If anyone has any doubts about what this picture is hinting at, just take a look at the front cover for every one of Mason’s “Massive Facials” movies. (Every “Massive Facials” cover has the girl strike the same pose, with her pointing to her face.) I’m glad to finally see some proof that the sequel to “Facialized” is in the works, it’s been too long (AN ENTIRE YEAR) since the first one came out! I look forward to seeing Mia’s pretty face drenched in cum!

  13. Jacx19

    YES! Great start to the Facialized 2 lineup, almost enough for me. Can’t wait to see the rest. Couldn’t ask for a better teaser.

  14. ken

    if this is facialized 2 seems that they get girls they just used in movies recently. so likely chechik. hoping it is eva lovia. i dont think august ames would do this

  15. Jake

    If it is Facialized 2,I hope they go off script and they pound her out a little bit too.Kinda like the Sophia Santi & Lexi Belle scenes in Massive Facials years back.

  16. Krog

    If this is Facialized 2 I hope we get some messy face pics soon.

  17. GapeLoverFOREVER

    It’s absolutely for Facialized #2. My dream seems became a reality. Thank you so much, Mason. THanks for listening us fans! I can’t wait Mia’s angel face covered from men’s hot cum.

  18. BobSM46

    OK now I am a bit confused since the next post, I hope they let us know exactly what movie/movies these Mia scenes are for.

  19. BobSM46

    Hope we hear more about in this soon.

  20. mrslim

    i love this sexy mia maybe is facalzied or gangbang i hope is double anal

  21. GapeLoverFOREVER

    On Mason’s thread of AdultDVDTalk, it has been officialized as first girl for Facialized 2. For me, a dream become reality!! Thanks HardX ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. BobSM46

    ^ Just saw that too. Wonderful news! I can’t wait to see Mia’s gorgeous face get covered with cum! I hope she really got off on it.

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