Jada Stevens in “DP Me Vol. 2”

Jada Stevens 1

Click below for more pics:

Jada Stevens 2

Jada Stevens3


  1. swungman

    YES!!! You guys got her before her contract!! Love her!

  2. Laurentinnio


  3. PornFan24x7

    Awesome news!!!!
    and DAP too ;-))
    Very nice!!

  4. BobSM46

    I will never get tired of watching Jada getting her holes stuffed with cock.

  5. Hans

    Fucking fantastic!!

  6. Richardo

    No shit! After doing for the 1st time She said in a interview that DAP wasn’t for her. That’s why I love her.

  7. dpconnoisseur

    I love the DP ME series but without taking away from the announced models I was still waiting for that one model that would make take out my credit card and purchase. JADA STEVENS is that model, thanks Mason!!!

  8. GapeFan

    Great news after a long Monday at work!! Jada Stevens DP complete with DAP!! I can’t wait to see it!!

  9. stan marsh

    Jada Stevens DOUBLE ANAL!! NO SHIT!! Release date pretty plz

  10. cwood

    YES!!!!!!!!!One of the best anal starlets ever is doing double anal. Hell yes. Hard X is truly the greatest.

  11. David B Hayter

    This will be great! Last time she was in Gangbanged 5 she did double vag. Any chance we will be so lucky?

  12. GapeFan

    ^We can only hope!! Double anal and double vag would be best!!

  13. inquisitor

    She looks great with the two dicks ^^

  14. JOEY

    FUUUCK!!!! o my gggggooooo STOP!This is A NEW!!!
    yessss to the yeeeesss
    THANK YOU VERYYY MUCH Jada AND Thank you very much mason!!! waaawww

  15. Sirius

    Jada’s booty is cray! Also, Mason needs to shoot Samantha Saint and unleash her wild side…

  16. Sirius

    It will be great if we get a post about Hardx nominations in the upcoming AVN awards. It will be a nice forum for discussions and congratulations

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