“Anikka 2” Trailer




  1. JT

    I’ve been saying for a while that Mason deserves to be considered a top notch cinematographer. There’s no need to confine the comparisons to porn. She has an excellent photographer’s eye.
    A lot of porn directors who fancied themselves artists tried to create a very stylized, artificial look. it really came down to detracting from the subject matter in order to highlight their own chops. Mason went the other way. She consistently gives beautiful shots that look the way the naked eye would deliver it. It’s more subtle, but it’s much better.
    Hopefully, this will be on the shelves at the local video store.

  2. cwood

    OMG….intense boner jam

  3. Joe

    Anikka Fucking Rocks.

  4. JT

    I wish that I could write a rave review, but whoever distributes into NYC doesn’t beolieve in getting the HardX movies onto the shelves on the release date.

  5. HardX_MC

    It smells like AVN Award to mee! 🙂
    If you guys want to see it, I have a promo that you can be interested in:
    30% OFF
    CODE: anikka
    1$ for 3 DAYS
    CODE: twitter
    To enter the code, on have to click on the “join” from HardX.com and click on “enter your promo code” just after the “continue” button and then, you will be able to enter the code.

  6. Philip

    Anikka & Mandingo !?!?!?…WOW !!!! Thats gonna be epic !

  7. Sirius

    Well, Anikka is seriously the female performer of the year. She delivers all the time

  8. JT

    I went to the store to buy the movie on it’s scheduled release day. It wasn’t on the shelves. I went back yesterday – still no movie. I went today – no movie. I’ve probably bought 60-80% of the movies released by HardX. I’m a pretty good customer. Why would you waste my time? When is the DVD coming out?

  9. HardX_MC

    Hi JT! You are looking for Annika Albrite’s new DVD? I will have an answer for you by the end of the day 🙂
    In the mean time, Anikka Albrite’s scene with Dani Daniels and Karlie Montana is finally coming out tomorrow on HardX.com: http://bit.ly/1rnj6js

  10. Chris C

    Yeah, it appears that September 24 is not the correct release date. As of right now, this movie is still not available for purchase on online stores like Adult DVD Empire-they still have it listed as a “Pre-Release.”
    As for this trailer, it’s definitely hot! I love the tag team of Anikka and AJ Applegate-two hot blondes with incredible asses! And I look forward to seeing Anikka take on the man, myth and legend known as Mandingo.

  11. JT

    Thanks for the response, MC. Please let us know what the revised release date is. Thanks.

  12. JT

    Thanks for the response. Please let us know what the revised schedule is.
    CD Universe doesn’t even show Anikka 2 as pre-release.

  13. Chris C

    HardX_MC stated on Adult DVD Talk (Mason a.k.a. Sam No Appreciation Thread) that the DVD release date for this movie is now October 15. (No reason given for the release date change.)

  14. JT

    Got the movie yesterday. I have only one small criticism. I’ve heard a lot of girls talk about how great the Hitachi is, but a little bit of toys goes a long way. The lesbian scene would have been sexier with more actual oral and hand contact. Two people actually touching is much more erotic than two people linked by a machine. Of course, i realize that other people may have a different opinion, but that’s how i see it.

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