Holly Hendrix – 1st DP

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  1. BobSM46

    Definitely looking forward to this one!

  2. H1gh Contra5t

    For about the first half an hour after this was announced on Twitter today I was completely and utterly stunned. I was so happy I couldn’t formulate a single thought. Even now, it is still sinking in 12hrs later!

    This is such a magnificent announcement, the significance and importance of which cannot be overstated. It is an experience that Holly has been wanting to share with everyone for a long time and it comes on the cusp of her first full year in the industry. So, when one looks at how much she has acheived in this short time culminating in this incredible ‘First’ one cannot deny the immensly admirable workrate and dedication Holly has poured into her career to get this far already. Such an obvious fact highlights how much Holly truly loves her life.

    Furthermore, it is a scene helmed by the one and only Mason, somebody who Holly has immense respect for and who is one of her outright favourite directors to shoot for. Beyond this, one must understand the significance of Mason being the one to want to capture this very special experience for Holly. You will see how telling it is and what it means. One only has to look at Mason’s back catalogue to realise that she has a 6th sense for identifying young starlets on the verge of stardom and that whenever she has invested repeated career-defining scenes and movies in them they have ALWAYS gone on to become major stars whose success has grown ever since. The fact that Mason has brought back Holly for such a significant and special career first tells me that she will go onto become such a star. I’ve known this myself for months before now but there’s no greater vindication to receive than from someone such as Mason who would seem to share the same beleif in Holly’s future success :).

    Then there’s the fact that Holly has been set up with the DP Dream Team of Markus and Mick, her two favourite male performers with whom she has immense chemistry with and who bring out the absolute passionate best in her. More than almost any others, they give Holly the kind of emotionally and physically intense connection that she loves the most, the one that brings out her truest sexual self.

    In a nutshell, every element looks to have come together perfectly here. When Holly wins Best New Starlet 2017 – which she will already at this rate – this will be one of those hugely significant scenes that got her there. I cannot wait for this scene to come out. More importantly, I hope and pray that there are many more collaborations between you and Holly still to come :D.

    Thanks a million Mason for making this happen, you have made 62,000 #HollyHolics dreams come true <3


  3. Mutantmo

    Any DP that Hard X touches turns to gold.

  4. Holly Hendrix

    Thanks for making this fantasy come true. This is going to be beautiful, Mason!

    1. H1gh Contra5t

      Hey Holly, awesome to see you here! It would be wonderful if you would stick around after the scene drops so that we can all talk with you about all of our favourite parts and about how incredible it was 😀

  5. Druid

    Now that natasha Nice did her first DP, please please please make the 2nd happen!

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