Ashley Adams – 10 Guy Blowbang


  1. BobSM46

    Gotta love Ashley, can’t wait to see her get Facialized!

  2. JoeBlow

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    Can’t wait!
    Day 1 Purchase!!

  3. Mass Facialties

    Awesome! Like Lana Rhoades, Ashley Adams was a girl I was REALLY hoping to see in this latest edition of Facialized. Two girls revealed, two more remaining…keeping my eyes peeled on and @hardxnews Twitter!

  4. Mar

    She will dominate all 10!

  5. Thalassa

    Ashley rocks. You gotta do a DP/TP creampie gangbang w/her next. With her performing & Mason shooting, the screen will be smoking.

    Ashley will leave no prisoners.

    And that could be the shoot that knocks Mia M’s HardX anal frenzy off the top of the charts in 2017. If anyone could do it, Ashley can.

  6. John

    Suggestions for your next blowbang scenes. Please surround these teen girls with 10 throbbing cocks:

    Lily Jordan
    Nina North
    Pamela Morrison
    Bailey Brooke
    Avi Love
    Katya Rodriguez
    Davina Davis

    Also, make sure the guys spend more time dick slapping and surrounding the girl’s face with their cocks.


  7. Porn Guillotine

    Please do discriminating hardcore erotica viewers a favor…

    Take the guys who like to choke girls and talk demeaning, unintelligent shit to them and send them over to kink or dogfart. get them out of HardX shoots. ’cause that kind of shit is pure trash and is NOT erotic, at least to me. if it’s hardcore anything, it’s hardcore trash. it’s the last thing i want to hear when i see a babe like Ashley Adams giving her all.

    Not that her performance is lacking in any way, because Ashley is so hot and a natural xxx performing star, but just think how much hotter she’d get if she was fucking complimented and praised for how she looks and how awesome she’s doing during the shoot, how her hotness is making all those guys rock hard and the fans and home dripping with sweat. Tell her she’s making everyone want to explode all over her.

    That would make her a lot hotter and more into the scene than “suck this fucking dick” and crap like that. Send those schmucks out to pasture.

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