Ana Foxxx – 10 Guy Blowbang


  1. BobSM46

    Ana is so gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see her get Facialized. Thank you Mason for listening to us and getting a black girl in Facialized, been waiting years for that!

  2. Mass Facialties

    Yes! Another one of my Facialized dreams come true! As long as I’ve been a fan of Mason’s blowbang/facial movies (Massive Facials & Facialized), I’ve always dreamed of seeing a beautiful black babe in one of these movies! Ana Foxxx is perfect, just the girl I was hoping for! Thank you, Mason & HardX, for coming through for fans like me who repeatedly requested Ana for Facialized on AdultDVDTalk. Now that this has been revealed, I will be purchasing a new membership this week; I can’t wait to watch this scene!

  3. SubstituteFlesh

    this looks great but why not have Mason shoot the hottest women of color, like Ana Foxxx, for DarkX? DarkX shouldn’t just be white women/black men.

    I scanned over to the DarkX site and saw a dreadful promo for a new Stella Fox scene. another one of those insipid scenarios written by a female. looks and sounds just like BLACKED and promises to be just as dull and unsuccessful as far as hardcore erotica. What a waste of an opportunity to showcase the hotness of one of Europe’s top pornstars..

    Mason knows how to shoot porn that appeals to men, but the women who write those Blacked scenarios do not know how to write to appeal to men. Simple-minded setups and forced, unnatural dialogue. Very poor and a waste of time and money. Maybe they think their market is women porn watchers, which, if so, would be a minuscule number compared to men.

    If that’s the direction DarkX is headed, then why don’t you just sell it off to Blacked, GAMMA? Blacked hasn’t done anything good in two years or more, even before their epic fail when they fucked up the Karina White shoot, which many of her fans had been waiting for for a long time. Blacked & its properties are slick packaging and no substance. They’re the Donald Trump of porn. They just don’t give a shit. I’m sure their subscribers get buyer’s remorse each week..

    Mason hits a home run just about every shoot. Hers is a formula that works. Don’t mimic Blacked properties’ losing formula with DarkX. Fuck those phony scenarios. You don’t have people who can write, you don’t have directors who can coach actors & their delivery. Just concentrate on making good fucking porn.

    If you want to duplicate something, you already have a winner in Mason. Double down, triple down, on that.

  4. Mutantmo

    It’s not just butt stuff all the time with Hard X. Thankfully they paint their quality on the canvas of sloppy oral features as well.

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