Lana Rhoades – 1st Gangbang


  1. BobSM46

    I kind of struggled to believe a girl like Lana Rhoades was even doing porn at all at first, let alone doing blowbangs and gangbangs. After reading what Lana said about these scenes though it seems she completely wanted to do this stuff and almost resented when people thought she was too pretty for it. Mason is the perfect director for this kind of thing because she understands that sentiment very well I think.

    Thank you Lana and Mason for making amazing things happen for us to watch! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Mass Facialties

    Wow, an AMAZING cast for Facialized 4 and now this?! You’re killin’ me, Mason and HardX! You guys are on fire right now!

  3. LanaRhoades

    Thank you guys! I hope you all loved the blowbang, the gangbang is even better. I think my best scene to date. I hope you all enjoy, ik that I did ???? Love, Lana ????

    1. Ralfee

      Counting the hours until release. Only the thought makes me ???? My heart goes boom boom and I’m nearly sure it will be my favorite pornpiece ever! Thank you Lana ????❤️

  4. jj

    the fucking kylie jenner of porn is getting gangbanged?? oh fuck ya!!!

  5. Stay Slutty

    You’re amazing, Lana! Thank you so much for taking this challenge.

    Stay slutty! <3

  6. Cocalo

    hope these guys don’t keep slipping out of paradise the way two of these same guys did in the DP of Kendra Lust. man, talk about missed opportunity in that shoot.

    these guys are supposed to be pros. without having seen any promos, i’d lay my money on Mason getting the best out of everybody in this shoot.


    ANA FOXXX NEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Original Seedsower

    can’t wait for this 2b released. lana rhodes is a comer.

    btw you shot a great scene with Cassidy Klein – anal ballerina.
    why not feature her in her first gangbang & DP/TP for HardX? she’s prime choice for me (although w/o the gothic look).

  9. Devo

    Lena Paul for dp gangbang.

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