Lana Rhoades – 1st Gangbang Trailer


  1. DutchLion666

    Absolutely AMAZING!!! CanĀ“t wait.. When will it be released ?

  2. Ralfee

    Lana Rhoades is the best thing ever happened to porn and my ultimative porn-muse. Never experienced such a authenticity and passion, never experienced someone like her. There are a lof of excellent starlets in the biz, but only one Lana Rhoades. She is unique and after a bit more than one year a class of it’s own. When she retires one day, the history of porn must be written anew.

  3. Jason Lee

    OMG, Lana you are the best

  4. BobSM46

    Lana could have easily coasted by on her looks alone, but instead she is out there earning it!

    Can’t wait to see the whole scene!

  5. Mass Facialties

    Simply amazing! Thanks to Mason & HardX for getting this stunning beauty to do a gangbang, and thanks to Miss Rhoades herself for doing it! Trailer looks great, I love that there’s some “standing DP” in the scene! I can’t wait to watch, so glad to be a HardX member right now!

  6. StarGrek

    Lana is starting to be a master in adapting to every director’s ideology and this is what makes her a great performer. Mason is widely known for one thing. Hardcore Passion. And it is expressed in every scene she directs, no matter the genre. Mason helps Lana bring out her inner nastiness and let her explore her sexuality in a no hole barred gang bang fantasy. But I will hold on to give a proper review when I see the actual scene.

  7. LuvHotties

    glad you had those guys with the tattoos keep their shirts on. nothing a bigger turnoff for me than those absolutely killing my porn buzz.

  8. Nowhere Man

    really a turn on to see Lana so wet when she’s getting dp’d so hard. makes me wonder about a scene with Alexa Grace i saw on blacks on blondes where getting gangbanged. she wasn’t wet one bit. seems like that kind of scene can get a girl injured, whereas this kind of scene can get a girl to cum over and over. i’ll take this kind of scene every day and twice on Sunday.

  9. Paulo

    Guys, you did such an amazing job on this one! I love the photoshoot, espacially the pics where Lana is on her knees, with her face surrounded and covered by those throbbing cocks. That’s exactly the kind of dirty stuff we want to see: more teen faces abused by multiple penises. Way to go guys! Now if you could get Nina North’s face and ass blowbanged and gangbanged, that would be simply amazing!

  10. Skronk

    Ha — “Irreversible” homage.

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