Karlee Grey – 1st Blowbang


  1. BobSM46

    Amazing news!! Only question is what movie is this for? Facialized was just finished a month or so ago so that doesn’t seem possible.

  2. Mass Facialties

    Wow, another blowbang scene coming so soon after the release of Facialized 4?! Awesome! Assuming this will be an all-facial finish, I can’t wait to see gorgeous Karlee Grey get drenched! HardX does a lot of great stuff, but these blowbang/facial scenes are what I love the most!

  3. Joe

    Thank you for more blowbangs after the amazing facialized 4! Hope this is for facialized 5, but excited no matter what!

  4. Mick

    That’s great news. In fact would be great if we had a blowbang every month at least, better than 4 a year, that’s sure.

    1. meh

      agree 100%

  5. Gton

    Omfg!!!!! Finally my dream have come true!!!! Omfg so nice to Finally see this beauty getting massive facials i have waited so looong for this thank god it Finally happens! Thank you so Much hardx!! Now its only August ames left !

  6. Splattermaster04

    Karlee Grey is so gorgeous. Hopefully we get a nice messy ending for her like in the last Facialized. Eagerly anticipating this scene! This announcement coming out of nowhere might have made my week.

  7. massivefacials

    CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS!! What an awesome surprise when I saw that this was coming. Karlee is stunning and if this ends with a facialized type finish I will be absolutely ecstatic as she’s someone I have been wanting to see facialized for a looooooonnngggg time. Thanks for the awesome work in getting her to do this for you guys!

  8. iloveIRporn

    HARDX please next cast:

  9. P0rn Annihilator

    i like Mason’s work, but i don’t get the point of these blowbangs.
    unless she’s swallowing all their loads, it looks to me like an exercise in cock modeling. i’m in it for the girls, not for the cocks.

    if it were me, i’d shoot to Karlee’s strengths: her hairy bush. sure, get 10 rods, but they’d all have to creampie that hairy bush. a 10-guy creampie: now that would be worth a wanker’s time and money.

    or at least baptize her ass. with those hips of hers, Karlee’s bod is screaming for a butthole pounding.

  10. Female Brandon Iron

    @P0rn Annihilator — we all have our tastes. Many are into bukkake. You may not be—and that’s totally fine—but just because you aren’t isn’t good enough reason for Mason to stop shooting this (great—in my opinion!) bukkake content.

    Mason is, in my books, not only one of the greatest female American porn director of today, but one of the best in general. She’s the female Brandon Iron.

    1. meh

      you can t call her brandon iron till the girls swallows huge amount of cum ah ah

  11. John

    Great stuff guys, keep shooting blowbang scenes like these, we love it! The next blowbang gal on your list should be: Giselle Palmer.

  12. Burko

    What about a pregnant blowbang? Would be sexy and new just to keep breaking taboos and making such quality content.

  13. Porn Annihilator

    @Female Brandon Iron: I’m def into Bukkake — the way the Japanese do it. I have dozens upon dozens of great, even classic, Japanese bukkake titles in my collection, featuring some of the most beautiful pornstars in the world (imo).

    i don’t see these blowbangs as bukkake features in the sense of what I’m used to,and what I believe has defined the genre by the Japanese. these are more like cock worship, with not enough emphasis on the starlet. in my mind they don’t advance the genre.

    some of the best bukkake titles in Japan are shot by a woman, Kurumi Ichinose (see her Dream Shower series on WAAP). also, WAAP has a great “Jelly” label for gorgeous MILFs getting bukkake’d. And of course, IdeaPocket’s “Digital Channel” series has featured some of the hottest JAV stars getting bukkake’d, sometimes by over 100 loads.

    again, the focus is on the gorgeous babe getting showered, not the swinging dicks. IMO those Japanese titles leave ones like this one in the dust. so that’s where I go for my bukkake fix.

    i agree with your assessment of Mason though. she is without a doubt a singular talent in US adult video. even though i don’t go for all her scenes, i love her eye and how she makes the lens not just a static spectator. you can count on one hand and still have fingers left over the number of US porn shooters who know how to connect the viewer with the action & performers like Mason does.

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