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  1. BobSM46

    I am gonna assume this is for a Lana showcase! Only question is after all the anal scenes, the HardX blowbang , the already amazing (almost guaranteed to win awards) HardX gangbang , what else could she do as a first? I guess there’s IR DP and or IR Gangbang or something like that, but that seems kinda small potatoes. Could always go bigger with the amount of dudes in a blowbang or gangbang I guess but not sure about that either.

    Maybe it won’t be all that much about doing anything more extreme, just passionate scenes the way Lana would want them set up all shot by the best in the business Mason.

  2. Talking with Porn

    whatever it is, hope it’s more satisfying than the gangbang.

    Lana left all the dudes in the dust in the gangbang shoot. She wasn’t even fully satisfied.

    also, i didn’t personally like the location. too grungy. didn’t contribute to the “hotness” of the encounter at all. not that i want the phony all-white bullsh!t minimal setup over-employed by some of your unworthy competition, but the set up took away from, rather than added to, the scene. for me.

    plus, why no kissing? kissing is hot.

    Lana is hot.

  3. iloveIRporn

    good to see Lana again i hope is IR ANAL

    hardx please do a video with :

    this will blow up porn industry

  4. Mar

    What coming soon?

  5. Jack

    Jayden Jaymes vs Lana Rhoades

  6. JohnDow40

    I agree this has got to be a showcase of Lana..Just like the two great DVDs of Anikkia Albrite.I think there will be interracial and hopefully she do some DP involving Double Anal and Double Vag..Anyway Mason,you got a fan in me in your great work you do on here.Keep it coming babe.

  7. Lana rhoades

    Thank you guys! What is comming is the best thing I have done in my career and is the most sexually satisfying and real of anything you guys have seen from me 😘 Stay tuned! This is very special ❤️
    – Lana

    1. Lana big fan

      Oh! Lana
      I can’t wait
      Please, hurry up

  8. Mike

    Lana can do no wrong. Hopefully more guys and IR DP also

  9. Talking with Porn

    that Asa scene you mention was a hot scene, except that it lacked anal and DP and creampies — musts for me. why else watch porn? also, a dark theater like that scene presents too many lighting challenges. cuz as a viewer i wanna see every nook and cranny of a hot model’s body and orifices, before, during and after penetration.
    if you watch recent scenes from euro producer sinfulxxx, well, they follow a similar style — and you can’t see anything. that might supposedly add some kind of “mystery” or whatever, but in the final analysis, it’s just what i said: you can’t see anything. not a formula for getting off, at least from a viewer’s point of view.

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