Jaye Summers’ 1st Blowbang


  1. Telsa Rowe

    Excellent. Now we need to round-off the series with milfs. We have had plenty of the new cutesey girls and it’s time to see some milfs push their limits taking shot after shot after getting their throats run through. Regan Foxx, Ava Addams etc. Before Mason and Hardx gracce us with that Christmas gift I am going to enjoy this Jaye Summers video for weeks. Thankyou.

  2. BobSM46

    I knew this was likely after the fans on ADT blitzed Mason’s thread with requests for Jaye Summers to be in this. Mason always comes through for the fans!

  3. max

    great!! please trailer very soon. thanks

  4. Mike

    OMG this is awesome 🔥

  5. Mass Facialties

    Another great choice for Facialized! I really like Jaye Summers, she’s got nice tan skin and a really pretty face. I like her Southern accent, too. I’m really looking forward to her and Adria Rae’s Facialized scenes. With three girls chosen for Facialized 5, I really hope you’ll be able to get Gina Valentina for the last scene. Please make it happen, I’m dyin’ to see it!

    1. Dizzzy

      Who is the third?

    2. Dizzzy

      Who is number 3???

  6. ken

    wonderful news! sooo gorgeous

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