Lena Paul – 1st Gangbang and DV/DA


  1. CP

    Mason, you beautiful, beautiful person

  2. cYs

    I’m so happy.


    Trailer pleeeeeeaaaase

  4. JohnDow40

    Thank you HardX,I am so looking forward seeing the beautiful and very sexy Lena Paul getting Gangbanged especially it including double vag and double anal.Keep it coming with more like this.

  5. Mass Facialties

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting HardX to do another gangbang scene this year. Lena Paul is a great choice!

  6. Everyman

    XEMPIRE, IMHO, needs to do many, many, many more scenes like this. i don’t go for blowbangs. i look for GANGBANGS. Lots of anal sex. The more gangbangs (1st-, 2nd, 5th- 100th) you have, the better you’ll be. EVERY girl in your stable should be doing ANAL/DP & Gangbangs. That is the price of admission. At least for me to subscribe to XEMPIRE. And keep the tattoos to a minimum. Have the guys wear bodysuits cuz I don’t wanna see them.
    I wanna see Mia Malkova gangbanged. Tori Black gangbanged. Sofi Ryan gangbanged. Amethyst Banks gangbanged. Cindy Starfall gangbanged. All the top stars: gangbanged. All the new, up-and-coming stars: gangbanged. Lots of anal sex. DP. Don’t care for DPP but a little DAP is fine. and lots of creampies. this is xxx porn after all. if a girl’s in porn, she takes it up the ass. have your performers tested, make sure the girls prepare properly, and get to shooting lots of anal gangbangs. then i’d be happy to subscribe for a year at a pop. until then, no can do. but this scene is a good baby step. you need to take many more to get me to come on board.

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