Gianna Dior – 1st Blowbang (8 Guys)


  1. MassiveFacials

    OH MY GOD!!!! This is so fucking epic!!!! GIANNA DIOR!!!!!!! Mason you are the absolute best!!!! This is going to be the most epic Facialized scene of all time!!! What a way to kick off Facialized #7!!!!! Mason, I will continue to worship all that you do, the undisputed G.O.A.T!!!!

    Thank you Mason and thank you Gianna!!! This is so epic!!!

  2. Mass Facialties

    Incredible! Gianna was the most requested girl for Facialized #6, so there were a lot of fans – myself included – who were disappointed when she didn’t get a scene in it. Thank you to Gianna, Mason and HardX for coming through for us! The only question is…is this for a new Facialized movie (Facialized #7) or is Gianna getting the showcase treatment?

  3. Johnny T

    Nice choice Mason, Gianna is absolutely gorgeous! Very excited for this scene & can’t wait to see who the other 3 ladies will be for F7!

  4. BobSM46

    I honestly can’t believe Mason and GIanna made this happen!!!!! Mason you fucking rule!!!!! Gianna is so fucking stunning !! Can’t believe we get to watch her face get covered with 8 loads!!!

  5. Matthew

    Please, PLEASE shoot Ember Snow for the next blowbang scene!!!!

  6. JoeBlow

    This looks amazing. Thank you for the constant facialized updates. Will be signing up as soon as this scene is released!

  7. Max

    please great MASON i cannot wait the trailer!! your member


    GRRR can’t wait for this nngh

  9. s Smif

    Vina Sky next, please

  10. BobSM46

    Still can’t believe a Gianna Dior 8 man blowbang is a thing that actually happened! Mason is a miracle worker.

  11. simone

    please the trailer or new pics….

  12. C.B. Jones

    Please shoot Vina Skyy for this series

  13. Massive Facials

    Still in complete awe that this is a reality!!!!! So epic!!! Thank you again Mason and Gianna!!!!

  14. BobSM46

    Vina Sky would be good.. I am hoping Mason can pull off another miracle like Gianna and get Jill Kassidy for this though!!

  15. Phillipy

    Candice Dare next please

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