“Keisha” Trailer & Cover




Coming in March.


  1. BobSM46

    Now that is how you do a trailer.
    This is an automatic purchase, Keisha is great and I can’t miss her first blowbang.

  2. Princedewitt

    thanks mason, you are the best

  3. tango

    Now I can’t wait for this movie. Mason by far knows how to showcase the most beautiful women in their own movies

  4. Peter

    Does anyone know when Hard X is going live?

  5. Chris C

    It’s cool to see this hot newbie get her own movie-seems that these “pornstar features” are typically reserved only for the established superstars. The trailer is excellent; I’m really lookin’ forward to that blowbang scene, the facial at the end looks awesome (I hope to see a GIF of that facial on this blog soon!)
    Thanks to Mason & HardX…now I’ve got something to look forward to in March!

  6. Mar77xxx

    I love when all natural girls like Keisha are cool and enjoy expressing their sexuality with others. I can tell the girl is an exhibitionist, and loves a man’s attention and cum. This is the kind of girl that if you encounter in your life, you don’t get jealous that she needs to have sex with other men, or isn’t afraid to give a random guy a blowjob, etc. You just be glad that you get to fuck her anytime you want. They’re out there too, just waiting to be discovered. She doesn’t come across as the hottest girl in the room either. I like that.

  7. Cliff R-

    Great looking trailer once again Mason!!! You have elevated the rookie year of Keisha Grey to new heights with this production. I so look forward to what other “firsts” you can successfully shoot of Keisha this summer/fall. She has such tremendous star potential; I hope she follows the pathway to superstardom blazed by her adult video idol (Sasha Grey)

  8. BobSM46

    Don’t know if Chris C will read this, but there already is a gif of the blowbang facial if you go to the post labeled “Keisha Gifs” and open the whole post by clicking the continue reading part.

  9. Chris C

    Ugh, between the “Facialized” and “Super Cute” GIFs, I forgot about Keisha’s! Thanks.

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