Zoey Monroe 1st Double Anal






  1. Gagaholic22

    She looks so beautiful and sweet in the second picture, then BAM double anal!

  2. PornFan24x7

    Yeah! I love Double anal scenes!
    Thanks you Zoey, Mason & HardX

  3. dpconnoisseur

    Finally I was wondering when Mason would finally give us some hardcore titles and content! Glad to see it may be soon! The reason I love Mason is her Solo Projects and Hardcore high end scenes. Hope to see an increase in both (we have 2 released solo and 1 hardcore ‘Big Anal Asses’)

  4. JuicyK

    Agreed Zoey Monroe is one of the most absolutely beautiful girls in porn. I knew it couldn’t be long until she made the plunge into DAP (considering her naturally gaping asshole). With all this new hardcore action such as more GB’s, DP’s, blowbangs, and DAP’s, I feel like I’ve time traveled back to the early 2000’s. But yes thanks to the producers and the girls for making these scenes happen. However, with Zoey (in my opinion) being one of the most naturally beatiful girls in the industry I would have like to seen her wait a bit longer, or not partake at all. But if she enjoys it then more power to her.

  5. Naturalicious

    What do you mean, JuicyK?
    As you know, when Asa Akira did double anal, it took her porn career to the next level.
    These rules of “waiting” before she becomes the best slut she can be are absurd.
    The reality does not confirm them.

  6. Mar77xxx

    It’d be nice to think that a young girl getting into the Adult Film Industry would have the kind of lasting power to be around for 10 or more years. Be an icon of the Industry like Ginger Lynn, Jenna Jameson, or even more recently Lisa Ann. However, the reality is that the “window of opportunity” for success and stardom in Porn is extremely short.
    There are more girls like Keri Sable and Jessie Rogers than even a Jada Stevens, so as a performer you need to put yourself out there and make a name for yourself right away. Girls waiting to do Anal, Interracial, DP scenes, etc. are just a marketing ploy to negotiate more money for their performances. I get that, and as long as we continue to make such a big deal about “Riley Reid’s first DP” (and yes that would be a big deal to me and many others) then these girls won’t do everything on camera unless “compensated properly” to do so.
    My feeling though if I was a HardX or any of the other Major Porn Studios would be this: “If you’re not willing to do this, then we’ll find someone who will”. In other words, girls like Jada Stevens are much more in demand due to their willingness to do anything on camera, whereas a Riley Reid won’t be getting a call for “Anal this” or “Gangbang that” because she hasn’t and won’t.
    It goes both ways. Therefore, a girl like Zoey Monroe gets a call from HardX to do this scene because she’s willing to do Double Anal. Yes most of us would rather see Riley Reid do a scene like this, but we still should be satisfied because there’s girls like Zoey Monroe who are willing to do any nasty thing on camera and get us off whereas Riley won’t. At some point too, we’ll stop watching girls like Riley Reid because we can only count on watching her perform the same boring sex acts over and over again.

  7. CWood

    The thing is that their are plenty of girls in porn that either get pressured by fans or by the love of money to do these things. That’s personally how I see it. These girls have the right to call their own shots in this industry as well. And with that said I really can’t wait to see this scene. Zoey is a great performer.

  8. Vrakenbaq

    Wow, that scene is a must! I was missing a lot the double anals shot by Mason; I hope to see a lot more of them from now on. Thanks very much Zoey for doing it. 😉

  9. JT

    It’s always a matter of personal taste, and I’m happy to see people with tastes different from my own satisfied, but at the end of the day, DAP and DPP are always just two guys rubbing their dicks together to me, and as a heterosexual guy, I just can’t get too excited about that. For my tastes, DP is more than enough. In fact, because the number of men obscuring the woman makes the camera work more difficult, I generally prefer a simple B-G anal to a gangbang or DP. Of course, when somebody who knows how to compose and get a shot directs ( like Mason), DP and gangbang are great.
    Mason, on the topic of directors, you’re my favorite, but there are some others who are good as well. When I last checked, Alexander Devoe had left JJ and was free. I know HardX is a new studio, and you don’t want to get ahead of yourself, but you should consider bringing him in. As I said above, group sex is most often so poorly shot that it’s not as good as simpler scenes. With that in mind watch Devoe’s Orgy Masters movies. The guy gets good shots.

  10. CL

    Wow, that looks amazing! When will it be released?

  11. pornfan

    I’ve seen her do a gangang fo Kink.com. but never Saw her do double anal. WOW im impressed. To the guy saying that he doesn’t like watching double anal because he thinks its gay that two guys rub their dicks onto each other well its a matter of personal choice. Dont watch of you dont like these kind of scenes.

  12. pornfan

    I praise girls that do ; more hard core sex scenes. DA ; DPs; interracial gangbangs; DPP. Etc. Not only will they be more in demand but ; other studios take notice and try to outdo each other . goody two shoes studios such as Digital playground; Adam and Eve are ; having low sales in their products because their supposedly ‘ contract girls ‘ don’t do those types of scenes. They’re being brainwashed by the studios not to do it. Another example is Wicked and their only condom rule. It does affect their product. HardX studios is on its way up. I recently purchased the Anikka and Maddy and Big anal asses dvds. Couldn’t be any happier.Hardx is here to stay.

  13. mike

    Jodi taylor in Jodi taylor her own dvd,make it happen! love her,need at least 5 scenes! title,jodi taylor no boundries!

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