“Facialized” Trailer




  1. Tarkovksy

    Yesssss! Best movie of the Year!!!! Thank you! Arianna your a superstar.

  2. BobSM46

    Fuck yes, looks fucking amazing. AJ’s drawing of her game plan for handling the cocks was hilarious. Veronica and Veruca being extremely sexy as always, and I can’t believe I just watched someone with a face as cute as Ariana get her face covered with so much cum.
    Awesome stuff, Mason. I am also pleased there is a Vol.1 at the end, indicating the intention for a sequel/s.

  3. E!

    Damn, great title, great cast list, and amazing looking scenes.

  4. PornFan24x7

    Great trailer, with nice girls!!
    Very nice!!

  5. Jovial

    Dear God! What an amazing movie this is going to be. Can’t wait to watch it. I love that (vol. 1) at the end of the trailer. It gives us great movies to look forward to, with lots of other cute faces being glazed!
    Also noticed the absence of music in this trailer, which is kind of new for a Mason flick I guess. Better still IMO: straight to the point 😉 Awesome!

  6. Chris C

    Finally, this movie I have been eagerly anticipating for nearly 4 months has a title and a trailer! “Facialized” is a great title choice and this trailer was well worth the wait. While it’s just the trailer, I think it’s safe to say that Veronica Avluv earns the title of “Most Drenched,” LOL! Thanks to Mason for yet another fantastic facial movie! As a huge fan of this niche, I am so grateful to her (and HardX) for continuing to make awesome blowbang/bukkake movies like this.

  7. Kevin

    best trailer ever. cannot wait for this!

  8. sosj37

    I know 2014 just began, but I’m declaring this the best facial series of the year. Ariana is a superstar in the making!

  9. william

    good, but i want trailer with lola foxx, and one question she do anal ?

  10. Mar77xxx.wordpress.com

    Looks absolutely amazing! Movies like this and other blowbang/facial films (many also Directed by Mason) are why I wrote at my Sex Blog about what I’ve coined my “Facial Fetish”! I’ve been a Peter North fan for years too, and there’s nothing better to me than a beautiful girl on her knees begging for her face to be covered with cum!
    I had to say this too (pun intended): When’s this “cumming out?” LOL

  11. TheMagicTaste

    Mason is the BEST!!!

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