1. BobSM46

    Is Keisha getting her own movie? All of these scenes for her on here but none have been tied to a particular movie yet. Well no matter what I can’t wait to see some of her scenes for you Mason.

  2. E!

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a company, even EA during September, hit home-run after home-run, until now.

  3. Chris C

    Man, I’d love it if she were in the upcoming facial movie, too!

  4. mar77xxx

    I agree with E!’s comment. This company has learned that there’s more to good porn than just the actresses performing. It’s lighting, angles, and definitely Directing. Mason aka Sam No is one of the best Directors in the history of Porn, and the fact she’s a woman who understands what gets men off turns me on like crazy! I enjoyed everything she did for EA, and their loss is our gain for Hard X. Thank you!

  5. jb

    yeah EA is kinda meh now. this just needs to become a paysite now 😀

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